Multi Pilot Simulations B.V (MPS) the innovative Dutch manufacturer of simulators, has launched a new website introducing their new theme.

With the new website MPS intends to give training organizations and airlines a better overview of the MPS product range of fixed base simulators with their unique features, the qualification levels, financial solutions and available in-house expertise.
The new theme at MPS is “Moving forward by not moving at all”. This amplifies what industry experts have known already since a long time : type specific simulators without motion platform are a perfect and affordable solution to enable more training of the right quality enabling proficiency for all pilots, regardless of the company they work for.
The other aspect of MPS that is emphasized on their new website is that besides the simulator MPS is able to provide a full turn-key installation : assistance in qualification , setting up a QMS , training your crew how to use ; rewriting a syllabus etc. All elements that are essential for the successful implementation of a new training tool in a training organization can be made available for the users of MPS simulators.
More news can be expected soon concerning the launch of a new model simulator and other tools that will help to make the quality training equipment by MPS available for training organizations.
About Multi Pilot Simulations (MPS)
Incorporated in 2007, Multi Pilot Simulations, The Netherlands, develops, manufactures and sells fixed-base, type specific (i.g. identical to Boeing 737-NG or Airbus A320) simulators for flight training organizations and type rating training organizations. Since August 2011 MPS has been backed by the Mainport Innovation Fund (KLM, Schiphol Group, RABOBANK and Technical University (TU) Delft) as an investor.
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