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EPST selection

The characteristics of an airline pilot
Without doubt, the pilot profession is a very demanding profession which simply cannot be done by just anyone. We will therefore provide our candidates with the best possible advice about the chances of success in our training program based on our comprehensive selection process.

A modern pilot must be an excellent manager with very good social and communicative skills. Every pilot must be a potential Captain (Commander) and should therefore be able to motivate and lead a team of people. In addition we expect our candidates to have the following characteristics:

- Good motivation and enthusiasm;
- Able to successfully complete an intensive theoretical training;
- Capacity;
- Spatial orientation;
- Leadership;
- Team skills;
- Good communication skills;
- Stress resistant;
- Good eye-hand coordination;
- Good observation skills and attention for detail;
- Technical thinking (ability);
- Self-confidence, self-assurance and mental flexible;
- Perseverance;
- Good English language skills.