Placed EPST students

Despite economical and other situations which regularly influence the aviation industry, EPST has always been able to provide places for its students/pilots. With the exception of some students, who had to complete extra training for one reason or another, most of our students are actually placed in about a six months period after completion of the EPST provided training program. 

Congratulations to the recently placed EPST students in 2018:

- Emiel Maart;
- Nick Beenhakker;
- Demian Dirksen;
- Sander Nelisse;
- Bart Meerbach;
- Johnno Te Mebel;
- Robbin van der Horst;
- Kenjiro Himmat;
- Daan Steinhaus;
- Andreas Lelempsis;
- Gilion de Bruijn;
- André Guicherit;
- Nick Roetert Steenbruggen;
- Marnix kruis;
- Rens Wouterse;
- Mathys Jorritsma;
- Sander Haug;
- Sigourney Segers;
- Ruan Brigitha;
- Ryan Kommeren;
- Yoeri van Rumund;
- Michael Walther;
- Yarno van der Meij;
- Dustin Lalleman.