Type Rating at EPST in 17 sessions of four hours

European Pilot Selection & Training offers a Type Rating on a B737-800 or A320 simulator for €13.900,=. The course consists of 17 sessions of four hours and is applicable for pilots already in possession of a CPL ME/IR frozen ATPL license. The Type Rating starts monthly.


More and better training for less money

EPST provides Type Rating Training Courses in a Boeing-equivalent B737 NG type Fixed Base Simulator, next to the already existing Airbus A320 Fixed Base Simulator. All according to a sophisticated method that will provide a – so-far in the market unknown – true ‘value for money’ concept.  

By an unique deviation of training hours over the new syllabus, a significant increase in the number of hours is spent in a type specific simulator. As a consequence, the Normal Operations will be trained even more before the Abnormal Operations training is started. This new modus, in combination with highly experienced EPST instructors – all active pilots at well-known international airlines – makes the Type Rating Training courses of EPST a smart choice for people with eye for quality. 

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