Would you like to apply for a FO job at an airline?

But you don't have a MCC/JOC yet... EPST provides a MCC/JOC (AJFC: Airline Jet Foundation Course)! The EPST MCC/AJFC consists of 1 day pre-course pack briefing, 2 weeks mock-up training, 6 days of Groundschool and then 16 simulator sessions (on a B737-800 NG FBS).The total MCC/AJFC will be scheduled at our venue in Utrecht and it will last approximately 6 weeks. It is scheduled each month. The costs will be € 7.200,- in total. Accommodation is not included, but we can provide a 2 bedroom apartment (a 15 minutes’ drive from our venue) which will cost € 25,- per night. Trainees will be assessed before entry to an approved MCC training course. Trainees not under contract with EPST shall successfully complete a grading session on a STD.

To be admitted to the EPST MCC training all trainees shall:       

a. Be in possession of an EASA PPL/IR or CPL/IR licence.
b. Have a current medical certificate.
c. Be in possession of a valid ME IR (A) d. Have completed the ATPL (A) theoretical knowledge examinations.
e. Be capable of receiving instruction in the Dutch or English language.
f. If not contracted with EPST before, shall have passed the EPST grading.

Before starting the MCC/AJFC you need to undergo an EPST selection. This will take 2 days (including a sim grading session) and will cost € 500,-. Phase 1 consists of our Advanced COMPASS (aptitude) test, a Personality Assessment, an Aviation English test, a math test and an ATPL questionnaire. The duration of this phase 1 is about seven (7) hours. Phase 2 of the EPST selection process will be a full day and you will be one of several candidates invited for that day. The objective of Phase 2 is to give you an opportunity to present yourself to the selection team, besides there will be a group exercise, an interview and a simulator grading on our FBS.

Do you want to join the EPST MCC/AJFC, please send an e-mail to [email protected]. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at +31-302383232.