OSM Aviation Academy

After completion of training

After completion of training EPST will take responsibility for placement with an airline. This could also be done with one of our partner organizations for placement. In all cases EPST will remain supportive until a pilot job has been obtained. Although pilot job guarantees do not exist, EPST has been very successful in the placement of its pilots. 

Despite economical and other situations which regularly influence the aviation industry, EPST has always been able to provide places for its students/pilots. With the exception of some students, who had to complete extra training for one reason or another, most of our students are actually placed in about a six months period after completion of the EPST provided training program. 

EPST offers these benefits after completion of the training program:

  • Free refreshment training in our B737-NG or A320 simulator;
  • Free grading preparation (including instructor);
  • Free IR/ME renewal (once) in our B737-NG simulator;
  • EPST pays an amount of € 500,- (once) if the license should be renewed on the airplane.