OSM Aviation Academy

Airline Jet Foundation Course

This Airline Jet Foundation Course (AJFC) course is the EPST "Bridge Course" or Jet Orientation Course (JOC) including a MCC certificate, which is proving so successful for our students and the key to success in the airline grading and Type Rating. The AJFC has now been adjusted to meet current airline demands and the preparation required to be able to complete a Jet Type Rating with good results. EPST students who have completed this course have all successfully completed their Type Rating and are now flying with a UK or other international airline.

It is the quality of our selection as well as this AJFC which makes the difference between EPST and other students. We train to airline ready First Officer standard.

The objective of the AJFC is to prepare low hour commercial pilot licence holders, who have not flown jet aircraft, for their initial airline type conversion course. Upon completion of the AJFC they will have achieved success in the following areas:

  • Standard airline induction covering all aspects of basic route operation;
  • Airline commercial requirements and customer awareness;
  • Flying a typical modern jet airliner throughout the normal flight envelope during line operations in controlled airspace to instrument rating renewal standard;
  • Dealing competently with non-normal and emergency situations including asymmetric flight;
  • General competence in both pilot flying (PF) and pilot not flying (PNF) roles;
  • General competence and familiarity with jet airline operations and procedures, cockpit management and typical airline documentation;
  • Ability to complete any jet Type Rating with good results;
  • Completed a MCC successfully and received a MCC certificate.