Financial costs

Unique financial guarantee

EPST has a contingency fund available which covers training failures. This fund will cover all of the training cost spent with EPST to the moment of failure. If the student, despite the EPST selection, fails the Basic training, EPST will call this a selection failure and repay all of the training cost involved.

As soon as the student (despite some warnings and guidance from EPST) reaches a training level which causes EPST not to support the airline placement of that student, we will remove the student from training and repay all the training cost up till that point. If the student wishes to continue outside the EPST program no repayment from our contingency fund will take place. In other words, as soon as EPST can no longer endorse the student to an airline, it will be seen as selection failure. In that case the EPST will repay all of the training cost. All EU students should be able to get a local bank loan with this EPST guarantee.

The exception to this arrangement is when a student is removed as result of students own fault, gross misconduct or voluntarily leaves the training program and in the case the student continues his/her training at EPST on his/her own responsibility. Also excluded are cases of fear of flying, air sickness or failing recurrent EASA medicals. These last items should be insured through a loss of training/license insurance.