EPST students attend resilience training

studenten met de trainer voor de simulator

Pilots have a great responsibility to monitor the safety of their aircraft, their passengers and their own. EPST believes it is vital for pilots to have the right tools for recognizing threats and to adequately respond to them. That is why our pilots recently followed Dyami’s Risk Management, Security and Resilience training.

Today’s risks

Society is constantly changing and this means that threats in aviation are constantly evolving. The Dyami team incorporates experts with the latest insights, which makes this training incredibly valuable. What are the current threats and what is going on in the world now? These are important questions that help the pilot in recognizing potential risks.

Environmental activism is one of those new threats, that has been prominently emerging over the past years. During the training, a lot of attention was paid to this theme: for example, what can a pilot do if he is personally attacked by an activist, and what can you do about an environmental action?

Safety and resilience

During the training, pilots worked on how to respond to threats and conflicts. How do you tackle them?

Pilots rolled up their sleeves and started the physical part of the course: self-defense techniques are essential for the resilience of pilots. Our students now know how to defend themselves and their environment in the event of physical aggression and, for example, a hijacking or terrorism.

But resolving conflicts also received attention. How does a pilot prevent a discussion from getting out of hand?

Role-playing scenarios

The theory came to life when everything was put into practice. The students played out different scenarios, covering all elements from the training. In our opinion, these scenarios were the highlight of the training: Dyami’s professional actress made the conflicts feel frighteningly real and always unpredictable.  When it comes to dealing with threats and agression, you can’t get better preparation than this.

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