EPST at WATS Event in Orlando


From April 29 to May 2, the World Aviation Training Summit will take place in Orlando, Florida. EPST is present as a proud sponsor of this event.

What is WATS?

The World Aviation Training Summit is the largest trade fair for training institutes and facilities across the entire civil aviation industry. The fair is aimed at all professionals involved in education and training for the aviation sector. This includes training cabin crew, but also training for manufacturers and suppliers, ground staff, and institutions involved in regulation and legislation.

The WATS Event, therefore, has a wide range of exhibitors. With more than 1000 institutions, ranging from airlines to universities, we can rightly call it one of the most influential events in aviation.

Networking and workshops

With this impressive number of exhibitors, WATS is an excellent B2B networking event, where professionals across the spectrum of the industry can meet each other – a great opportunity to gain knowledge and start collaborations.

With workshops and lectures aiming all aspects of training, WATS offers its visitors the opportunity to gather important information and new insights.

EPST sponsors knowledge sharing

EPST deeply acknowledges the importance of sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues in all areas of the aviation sector. We stand for top quality training. This is only possible if we remain open to new insights and the latest knowledge.

If all parties involved can and want to learn from each other, we will make the aviation sector as safe and efficient as possible. Events like WATS offer the best circumstances to do so. That is why we are proud sponsors of WATS 2024.

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