European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST) provides a complete ab-initio pilot training program with the intention to succesfully place you with an international airline!



EPST offers a Boeing 737/Airbus 320 TRI, SFI or MCCI course. The aim of the TRI(A) training course is to train aeroplane licence holders to the level of competence defined in EASA FCL and adequate for a TRI. The training course develops safety awareness throughout by teaching the knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to the TRI task, and is designed to give adequate training to the applicant in theoretical knowledge instruction, flight instruction and FSTD instruction to instruct for an aeroplane Type Rating for which the applicant is qualified.

If you are interested, please e-mail and we will send you some more information regarding pre-requisites, startdates and prices.

B737/A320 Type Ratings, Recency and Refresher Training

EPST offers Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 Type Ratings as well as refresher/recurrent training. If you want to keep up your skills or maybe want to renew your Type Rating, please e-mail us at or call the EPST Office at +31(30)-2383232.


MCC courses and/or Jet Orientation Courses

EPST is the specialist in MCC and Jet Orientation Training. Over the past two decades we have trained many pilots to airline standard with our Airline Jet Foundation Course (AJFC). This course is designed to give inexperienced pilots a combined MCC course and Jet Orientation Training (JOC) in order to prepare them for jet Type Ratings and Airline gradings.

Besides the AJFC course we were the first to launch the Airline Pilot Standards (APS) course in consultation with EASA. The APS course also consists of a MCC course and Jet Orientation Course and meets all current EASA demands for jet MCC training. We now offer this course to external clients as well.

On completion of either one of our MCC courses candidates will receive an EASA approved MCC certificate and will be prepared to a very high standard for Type Rating courses and airline gradings.

If you would like more detailed information about these courses, please contact us!


European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST) is thé trainer of airline pilots in the Netherlands. EPST provides a complete ab-initio pilot training program. After successful completion of the program, EPST will provide support to successful graduates until a first pilot job has been obtained with one of the major airlines. EPST is an EASA approved ATO (NL-ATO-37) and EASA-STD operator.

The EPST training program consists of a Basic Training followed by a comprehensive Advanced Training program.

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EPST Selection Services

European Pilot Selection & Training is able to offer airlines and training organization customers a complete training solution with a philosophy that is unique in the industry.

EPST has an excellent reputation when it comes to quality: independent surveys run by pilot unions metrics reveal EPST has the highest score when it comes to successful pilot placement.

This is achieved by a unique combination of the Ab Initio and the Airline Jet Foundation Course using experienced line captains and fixed based type specific B737-NG and A320 platforms.

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Type Rating

Type Rating B737-800 or A320

EPST provides an EASA A320 and B737-800 NG Type Rating. The unique offer is € 14.750,-, excluding Base Training (this will be done through JetTime in Denmark). We start a Type Rating every month.


The aim of the T/R is to enable trainees to become proficient, by gaining knowledge and skills, in order to operate a type specific aircraft (A320 or 737NG) safely and efficiently. The training integrates multi crew co-ordination (MCC) skills applicable to working in the multi-crew environment; which typically addresses:

  1. Decision-making/taking;
  2. Communication;
  3. Division of tasks;
  4. Use of checklists;
  5. Application of SOPs;
  6. Mutual supervision;
  7. Teamwork;
  8. Support through all phases of flight under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions.

By the end of the course, trainees should be able to:

  1. Enable the aircraft commander to fulfil his overall management and decisionmaking/taking functions, whether as pilot flying (PF) or as pilot monitoring (PM).
  2. Enable the tasks of the PF and the PM to be specified and distributed in such a manner that the PF can direct his primary attention to the short-term operational management, handling and control of the aircraft.
  3. Effect co-operation between crewmembers in an orderly manner appropriate to the normal, abnormal or emergency situations encountered.
  4. Ensure mutual supervision, information and support between crewmembers at all times.


Trainees shall comply with the following requirements before entry to an approved T/R course:

  1. Trainees have/are:
    1. A valid EASA PPL/IR or CPL/IR licence; and
    2. At least 70 hours as pilot-in-command of aeroplanes; and
    3. A valid ME IR(A); and
    4. Shall either:
      1. Hold a Certificate of Completion of multi crew co-ordination (MCC); or
      2. Undergoes an integrated MCC T/R course; or
      3. Meet equivalent MCC experience as listed in PART-FCL 1.250(b); and
        1. Completed the ATPL (A) theoretical knowledge examinations; and
        2. Hold a current medical certificate; and
        3. Capable of receiving instruction in the English language
        4. Have a minimum level of LPE 4 scored in an approved English Aviation Test and
  2. If not contracted with EPST before, shall have passed the EPST grading; and
  3. Trainees will submit actual logbooks along with any original supporting documents or
  4. Trainees are currently undergoing training on an MPL(A) integrated training course.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at +31-302383232.