How much does it cost to become an airline pilot?

How much does it cost to become an airline pilot?

At EPST, we understand that pursuing your dream to become a commercial pilot is an investment in your future – both in terms of time and finances. If you’re considering starting your pilot training, it’s crucial to know: how much does it cost to become an airline pilot? The purpose of this article is to offer complete transparency regarding how much pilot school cost within our programs at our three training centers – Global Aviation in Greece, OSM Aviation Academy in Norway, and Aero Locarno in Switzerland.

We’re here to guide you on your journey to the cockpit, and we believe that a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your training assists in making an informed decision. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the costs of pilot license at EPST.

EPST commercial pilot education programs

At European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST), we’re passionate about aviation and committed to training the next generation of aviators. We offer comprehensive commercial pilot education, designed to guide you from aviation enthusiast to a professional pilot. Our programs are accredited by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and lead to the most comprehensive license, the European EASA ATPL(A) – INTEGRATED license.

Why choose EPST?

We have a meticulously structured selection process to only enlist the most suitable candidates for our programs. Upon completing your training with EPST, we will place you with an airline to start your career as a commercial pilot.

Moreover, we provide our education across various European locations. Whether you choose sunny Greece, picturesque Norway, or charming Switzerland, with EPST, you’ll have the chance to learn in an inspiring and international environment.

How can we help achieve your dream?

We believe every pilot has an unique journey, and we’re here to support you during every step of the way. We offer top-tier training thanks to our experienced instructors, who are active airline pilots at various airlines in the world. We’re invested in your success and are prepared to assist you in achieving your ambitions.

Factors influencing how much the pilot license cost

Several indicators determine how much a pilot license cost at EPST. Below, we’ve highlighted important aspects that can influence the expenses:

Training location 

EPST offers programs at three different European locations: Global Aviation in Greece, OSM Aviation Academy in Norway, and Aero Locarno in Switzerland. While the quality of education remains consistent, the location might influence costs due to factors like local living expenses and the operational costs of the training centers.

Included amenities

Many essential elements, such as study materials, uniforms, exam fees, transportation, and comprehensive post-training (MCC/APS course), are incorporated in the training budget. Also, accommodation expenses during overseas education are covered.

These elements combined determine the overall cost of the pilot educational budget. It’s crucial to consider these when planning your training and future career.

What’s Included in EPST’s pilot school cost

We strive to offer our students an all-encompassing training program that prepares them for a triumphant aviation career. In this section, we elucidate exactly what’s included:

Study materials 

Students receive all necessary study materials for both theoretical and practical components. This includes textbooks, digital learning tools (iPad’s), headset’s and any additional resources required for specific course modules.


At EPST, every student is equipped with an official pilot’s uniform including our iconic blue tie, symbolizing professionalism and the high standards of aviation. Beyond its visual appeal, this uniform is designed in strict accordance with industry standards, capturing the essence and pride of being a pilot. This integral part of the training experience is included in the overall training fees, emphasizing our commitment to providing students with everything they need without added financial strain.

Exam fees and tickets 

All essential exam fees during the training are covered. EPST also takes care of any travel expenses for exams or other training components.


All transportation required for training purposes is catered for by EPST, including transport from and to the Netherlands, to training locations and their accommodations.

Housing during initial flight training

EPST arranges housing during the initial flight training. Fully furnished apartments are provided; you just need to bring your personal clothing. Hence, there’s no additional cost for accommodation during your first period of becoming a pilot.

Potential additional expenses

Aside from the initial pilot school cost, it’s vital to factor in possible additional expenses that might emerge during your training. Consider, for instance, daily meals and drinks.


One clear example is our program in Aero Locarno, Switzerland. Here, it is advisable to own a car in order to commute between your residence and the training site and for general local mobility. This means including car purchase or lease costs, fuel, insurance, and maintenance in your budget. Depending on the program you choose, the pilot license cost can vary.


Indicative costs

It’s important to point out that the costs mentioned in this article are indicative. They might differentiate depending on diverse factors, including changes in material costs, exam fees, air tickets, and prices at different training locations. We always recommend verifying current prices on our website or by reaching out to our team.

No legal rights 

The information in this article aims to provide a general overview of the cost for EPST commercial pilot license. While we strive for accuracy and current data, no rights can be derived from this article. For detailed and legally binding information, we refer you to the official documentation and contracts you receive when enrolling in one of our programs.

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