6 important reasons to become a pilot

6 belangrijke redenen om piloot te worden

Maybe you have been dreaming of becoming a pilot for years and there is no longer any doubt in your mind. Or have you only recently had the feeling that there could be a pilot in you?

Either way, deciding to become a pilot is a major, life-changing decision. We understand that you feel the adventure of pilot life calling, but that you want to make a well-informed decision for something so important. That is why we asked former students of EPST for this blog about their motivation for choosing a life in the cockpit. We show you 6 important reasons to become a pilot.

Do you have a passion for aviation?

Several of our pilots have always had a passion for aviation. Do you get an enthusiastic feeling when you walk around an airport or when you see a plane taking off from up close?

For many pilots, the thought of flying and everything related to it makes the heart beat faster. The passion for aviation is a great basis from which a dream arises. Do you dream of a career as a pilot because of your passion? Then chase your dreams!

Do you want to see a lot of the world?

The best way to see a lot of the world is to be a pilot. You fly to various destinations, each more breathtaking than the other. You quickly feel like a world traveler.

And perhaps the best part? That unique perspective from your cockpit window. You get to see beautiful things that are only available to a few: you see incomparably beautiful sunrises and sunsets and sometimes a fairytale cloud cover below you. Your workplace is the most beautiful view in the world.

Do you like a dynamic work life?

As a pilot, not a single day is the same. Even if you fly the same line a few times in a row, every day is different. Changes in the weather, changing crews and constantly changing times make your work as versatile as it can be.

Sometimes a day is a piece of cake, on other days you are thoroughly challenged by unforeseen circumstances. As a pilot there is always something to get excited about.

The technology behind flying

There is always something magical about seeing something as vast as an airplane take off and pass through the air. There is a tremendous amount of technology involved in flying. Are you also fascinated by all this?

As a pilot you gain in-depth knowledge of the technology behind flying, but also of everything surrounding it: navigation, for instance, or meteorology and aerodynamics. Are you going to become a pilot? Then you also become an expert in what has always fascinated you.

The financial picture

Living in luxury is often mentioned in one sentence with being a pilot. Most pilots have a very attractive salary, which is of course a clear reason to sign up for flight training. Although the costs of your training are high compared to other studies, there is a good chance that you will have a bright financial future as a pilot.

Career opportunities

Once you become a pilot, you can go in any direction. Of course you can fly in any direction, but there are many ways in which you can do that. Are you going into civil aviation, or will you become a cargo pilot? There is much more: you can specialize in medical transport or take on a role in Defense. Plenty of possibilities, for sure.

Pilots often have a lot of free time – a great perk of being a pilot, of course! This gives you the opportunity to dedicate a lot of time to a hobby, or to really pursue interests outside of flying. You have many options to live your life in your own way. Many pilots value this.

Use your enthusiasm, but choose consciously

No matter how beautiful the stories sometimes sound, being a pilot is not for everyone. Before you make your choice, you should ask yourself whether you are made for the irregular working hours and the sometimes long absence from home. A pilot’s life is not a standard life. These are decisive reasons to become a pilot or not.

Therefore, do thorough research:

  • Is the training financially feasible?
  • Talk to a pilot
  • See if you can make a test flight

Feeling excited? Come to our information evening!

Do you really fancy a life as a pilot? Come to one of our information evenings at EPST in Utrecht. Sign up in our calendar. Will we see you there?

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