4 important reasons for EPST to be an IAAPS member

4 belangrijke redenen waarom EPST lid van IAAPS is

EPST is affiliated with many different organizations that promote and improve education in the aviation sector. The IAAPS is one of those organizations that EPST has been a member of for years. In this blog we focus on the IAAPS: what is their role in the aviation sector?

What is the IAAPS?

IAAPS is short for the International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools. It is an organization that focuses on improving and supporting aviation education and training. The organization is spread out over schools in multiple countries and thus brings together experiences, expertise and knowledge from flying schools and other training institutions around the world.

The role of IAAPS in aviation education

The IAAPS was established to maintain and improve the standard of training in the aviation sector and to provide a strong representation of flight education within the sector. How does IAAPS ensure this?

  • Exchanging information between institutions. This allows for collaboration in developing new guidelines, protocols and forms of education.
  • Within the aviation sector, IAAPS is committed to setting a higher quality standard of flight training and materials.
  • Develop recommendations and guidelines on the content and delivery of training so that they can be adopted by authorities such as EASA.

What are the benefits for EPST as a member of IAAPS?

EPST believes in collaboration. By being a member and making our contribution, we help to improve aviation education, but we also believe that EPST will become a better flying school due to the benefits of being an IAAPS member. Why exactly? We point out four important reasons.

Networking capabilities

As a member of the IAAPS, we benefit from a large international network, consisting of training institutions and professionals in the aviation sector. In such a network, it is much easier to exchange ideas and look together at ways to improve the training. A strong network also encourages collaborations in various areas.

Access to information

As an organization, IAAPS shares important information and relevant news about industry innovations, regulatory changes, and developments in education and training. This way we can be sure that vital information reaches us swiftly, enabling us to improve as an institute.

Access to resources

IAAPS provides EPST with important training resources, such as new training methods or practical tips. We are also provided with the latest guidelines and standards for aviation training. This way, we are always up to date when it comes to educational quality.

Recognition and reputation

Being a member of an organization like IAAPS is a signal to the outside world that communicates confidence. A membership in IAAPS means, that a training institute is actively working to maintain and improve the quality of its own training, as well as aviation training in general. In addition, it is a form of guarantee: aviation organizations know, that an IAAPS member works with the most recent guidelines and best practices.

Conclusion: IAAPS makes us better

In summary, we can say that being a member of the IAAPS helps to improve our quality and to have a strong reputation within the aviation sector. This is also useful to you as a future EPST pilot: an ATPL certificate at EPST sends a clear message to airlines!

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