Securing your place as an airline pilot? EPST helps with job application training

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You’re finally a pilot! You have successfully completed the entire flight training. After you have passed the MCC-APS course (Multi Crew Course to Airline Pilot Standard) at EPST, you can start applying at an airline. This is an exciting new phase. If all goes well, this phase will fly by in no time.

But don’t underestimate it, there is a lot involved in an application process. EPST prepares its students as well as possible for their selections with targeted training, which is tailored to the airline you wish to apply for.

How does an airline select its pilots?

Applications and selection procedures are demanding. In general, the procedures of the airlines are similar, but their details differ: every airline pays attention to something else. That is why EPST has received a lot of feedback from their former students over the years about their applications.

We are constantly updating this knowledge, and therefore we have a good idea of what is required for each airline. We focus the application training specifically on your chosen airline.

EPST job application training: focused on job applications at airlines

The selection procedure of an airline is mainly divided in 3 steps. In each step, every airline has its own focus. In the application training, EPST prepares you for these 3 components.

Competency test

With the feedback we received from former students during their applications, we can get a good idea of the competency tests that each airline uses. We therefore focus the training specifically on the company where you will be applying. To make the preparation as complete as possible, we ask every student to take an Advanced Compass Test and an ATPL test at EPST after completing their flight training.

Simulator grading

The simulator grading is an important part of the selection for practically every airline. If you are invited for a grading during your application, you will get a simulator session with an instructor at EPST to prepare yourself as well as possible. We have also received feedback from former students about the simulator gradings, so that we can tailor the session to the airline where you are applying.


The final piece of your application is the interview, the part most feared among pilots. In order to present yourself in the best possible way, you will have an interview training with EPST’s director, Eric Duijkers. In this training you will answer frequently asked specific questions, including technical questions. Eric will point out all kinds of ‘traps’, so that you don’t fall for them during the real interview.

Not selected? We’ve got you covered

Did you not manage to get that seat in the cockpit, despite your preparation? Together we will find ways to do it better next time. We analyze the feedback you received after the application and discuss it together. This way you can improve as much as possible on those crucial points and you will be ready for your next job application.

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