ESPT in the news: Floris Rhee at Omroep Flevoland

Floris Rhee bij Omroep Flevoland

Dutch broadcaster Omroep Flevoland loves stories about fellow locals, who live abroad for a special reason. That is why the broadcaster has been following the Norwegian adventure of EPST student Floris Rhee from Emmeloord since October 2022. In three interviews, Floris told his story in the section ‘Flevolander abroad’.

During the first interview, Floris talks about the intense Integrated ATPL training, life as a student in Norway at OSM Aviation and pridefully looks back on his first solo, even though it was almost a year ago at that time. He was also asked about his choice for EPST: “The foreign aspect really appealed to me and I have no regrets. Flying here is so spectacular, you don’t get to see anything like that in the Netherlands.”

Six months later, Floris reappears in the studio for a second interview, in which he discusses his run-up to graduation. He had already passed his ATPL theory at that time, but the practice was delayed due to, among other things, the icy conditions in the Scandinavian air.

About a month ago, Floris was invited in the studio in person. He has returned to the Netherlands for the last stretch of the training: the APS/MCC course. He has successfully completed his Norwegian adventure and Floris looks back with the presenters, discusses the stripes on his uniform, but above all looks ahead: apply quickly and hopefully be in the cockpit for the big work before the end of this year.

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